These Misleading Details On Your Resume Can Be Detrimental

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These Misleading Details On Your Resume Can Be Detrimental

It can be easy to oversell your qualifications when you're putting together a resume — especially if you're extremely hopeful to land a certain job. Even if you want to stay away from outright lying, deliberately being a little misleading can give you the feeling that your resume is strong. While it's true that you might get away with misleading details on your resume, it's also true that they could be costly. It's not hard for a hiring manager to dig into your employment history and learn that your resume facts are a little exaggerated. Here are some details that you may attempt to write in a misleading manner, but about which you should be honest.

Number Of People You've Managed

If you've previously had a position in which you managed a staff, this can be a positive attribute for your resume. This is especially true if you're aiming for a management position, and such experience is one of the needed qualifications for the job. Don't oversell the number of people you've managed in past jobs. For example, perhaps you only had a staff of four, but feel that saying you managed a staff of eight would sound more impressive. This may be true, but a hiring manager who calls your previous employer to learn about you will quickly uncover the truth.

Year Of Graduation

Some people are misleading about the year that they graduated from college. If you're young, you might wish to push the year back a little so that your employment history seems more extensive, for example. Or, if you're worried about being too old, you might write that you graduated a few years later than you actually did. The truth can be easy enough for a hiring manager to track down, and this misleading detail can also result in having to rewrite your employment history, which is highly dishonest.

Responsibilities Of A Position

Another thing that can be tempting to adjust on your resume is the responsibilities that you held in a previous position. While you shouldn't shy away from listing all of the key duties you performed, you shouldn't mislead a prospective future employer by writing that you did something regularly if you only did it once or twice. For example, if you worked in sales and you once gave some suggestions to the company's marketing director, you shouldn't write that you also worked in marketing.

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